Summerville South Carolina Nightlife

The charming colonial coastal town of Charleston has long been one of South Carolina's most popular tourist destinations, and with the added appeal of the constantly televised sport and the ability to talk to someone, even if they're not bartenders, it's easy to understand why the phrase "just one more" strikes so close to home here. From ghostly history to live music in downtown and on the beach, Charleston's nightlife is as diverse as the city itself. It is definitely possible to watch drag cabaret for a night, meet up with friends and family for a cocktail party on the rooftop terrace or even just have a few drinks at the local bar.

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Montreux also offers live music on Friday and Saturday nights and a variety of games throughout the week. Friday night is Rib Night, which serves delicious bourbon BBQ ribs with chips and coleslaw. Bulldogs offers a late night tour starting at 7pm on Saturday and Sunday, with live entertainment and drinks throughout the night.

These pubs tend to have soft music and a gentle feel, and guests often spend the evening together. Very high energy can be bebing, so you can hop from bar to bar in the evening, but these pubs are also very popular with guests.

The old-school Charleston party continues early until the last call, moving to the former Thee Southern Belle. The party at the old school Charleston continues until late at night, in a former "Thee" or "Southern Belle" where you can enjoy a late drink and a good time with friends and family.

The roof of the Market Pavilion Hotel is also the perfect place for a late-night rooftop party at the old school Charleston. Guests can enjoy views of downtown Summerville from the top of their hotel, and we have provided a link to find that link and get to know your new neighbors.

Folly Beach Pier invites you to learn the state dance of the shag and listen to the classical beach music of Carolina. Tabbuli's also offers LGBTQ events, such as the annual Summerville LGBTQ Pride Party on Saturday, June 18. Bebe Tabuli, a nationally renowned artist, is the founder and owner of Tabbas Beach Bar & Grill, the only bar and restaurant on the beach in South Carolina.

The music styles range from gospel to classic rock to folk, from local groups looking for a big break to the Blue Dogs, whose band members still play regularly here.

Experience the Poe Tavern, named after the author who once called the island home, or listen to live music at the local bar and venue Windjammer. If you're looking for something more intimate than a traditional bar or restaurant, look no further than Summerville.

In fine weather, guests can enjoy a cocktail in the Market Pavilion, which offers panoramic views of the historic Charleston skyline. The large outdoor area also has a bar, and it is hard to top the barbecue for sheer elegance.

The hole in - the - wall sign has the same charm as the runway you remember as a child. These members - only lounge and bar are the right place if your idea of nightlife includes pool games, dancing and drinking.

James IslandLong days at Folly Beach are often good for long nights, but when you go back to the beach, this oasis in the drugstore strip mall seems like a good idea to keep the party going. Long days at Follies Beach are often a long night, but when you return from the beaches, these oases in drugstores and strip malls seem like a good idea to keep the party going! James Island's long days at F Molly Beach often resulted in longer nights.

If you're looking for a cool place to fill your stomach before or after a drink, Charleston has a number of hip restaurants serving incredible dishes. Grab a snack at Pickle's, enjoy a fine new American meal at chic Graze, or meet your neighbors at the Locals Bar, a sports and sushi bar. There are many great restaurants in Summerville South Carolina, including the Lost City Cafe and Black Magic Cafe, where foodies can solve their problems. After you grab your drinks, grab a grab - a bite - of food at one of the many vinegar bars in the area.

They have their own cocktails and rotating craft beers, as well as a wide selection of wines and beers. Mexican-inspired, people usually go to one of the many wine bars in Summerville, South Carolina, like Bistro de la Raza.

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