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Leading music educators from across the region are joining forces to offer campers a quality music experience and fun week. The choir was selected to perform at the annual Summerville South Carolina Music Festival on Saturday, July 22. Campers and parents have the opportunity to enjoy an evening of music, food and entertainment, followed by a dinner and a performance by the choir.

The performance is free and open to the public, and family, friends and music lovers are invited. Participants are encouraged to bring a chair or blanket to spread out, relax and experience a local local local music event.

Join us for future concerts at St. Luke's, including a concert on Saturday, May 20 at 7 p.m. at Summerville Community Center and Sunday, June 4, 2 to 4 p.m. when they host a special concert by the South Carolina Symphony Orchestra featuring performances by local musicians.

The show will include performances by the South Carolina Symphony Orchestra and other local musicians from the Summerville Community Center. Regular musical rehearsals take place on Friday, 20 May, at 7 pm and on Sunday, 4 June, from 2 to 4.30 pm in the Municipal House.

Please click this button to be directed to the online recruitment portal for employees, where you can find more information about the musical rehearsals of the Summerville South Carolina Symphony Orchestra.

A full one-hour instrumental lesson is available to students in grades 8-12 and costs $60. Private lessons are already included in the price for piano campers and OPTIONAL for all piano camps, so all camps are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. Regardless of age, instrumental students without prior piano experience can receive private lessons with the Summerville South Carolina Symphony Orchestra. If a request is made before the two weeks before the camp starts, you will receive it and can be cancelled at any time.

Private lessons - Private lessons are available to students in grades 8-12 and are taught according to the "first come, first served" principle. Private lessons, private lessons will be offered in summer 2016 with the Summerville South Carolina Symphony Orchestra.

The class is fast and will give scheduled section and master classes with the Summerville South Carolina Symphony Orchestra daily. The students of the piano camp receive four - and - half an hour of private lessons during the camp and also take part in a two-hour piano break on the first day of the camp. Instrumental campers will have access to daily lessons and a full summer camp experience in summer 2016.

In addition to the major concerts, the Ladies Honors Choir also hosts the annual Holiday Madrigal Dinner, presented by the Summerville South Carolina Symphony Orchestra and the Charleston Chamber Orchestra. Ms. Moon - Kelly's mother and sister - will also perform in the summer concert series and at the Piccolo and Spoleto festivals in Charleston. The ladies of the Choir of Honour will also perform at the annual Christmas concert of the SSCO, as well as in the summer holiday programme.

The choirs also perform the national anthem and the alma mater and perform at many community events throughout the year. The Cobra Chorale and the Ladies Honors Choir travel with the Summerville South Carolina Symphony Orchestra and the Charleston Chamber Orchestra. Members of both ensembles also participate in the SSCO summer concert series and in the annual Christmas concert. In the section 5 of the category women choir they took the 1st place and were second in the section 5.

The Ladies Honors Choir received the Superior of Distinction award and gave a guest concert at the SC ACDA State Conference 2015. They were also state champions in 2016 and became the first state champions in South Carolina and Georgia. The Cobra Chorale has consistently received excellent and excellent reviews at state and regional festivals and has been named one of the top ten choirs in North Carolina over the past two years. The Cobra Chorales have also performed in numerous concerts with the Summerville Symphony Orchestra and in the Charleston Chamber Orchestra's annual Christmas concert series.

In the South, GoCo Events in South Carolina and Georgia produces extensive arts and cultural programs that foster community building by showcasing local talent. Awendaw Green has become a partner in producing high-quality local music events in the Netherlands through partnerships with local artists, local businesses and community organisations.

If you're looking for a Stevie Prince number to make people dance, We # have you covered! Royal Music Entertainment and Sound will work closely with Awendaw Green to create the perfect playlist to set to music your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. We offer a wide range of genres including soul, funk, pop, RnB and more, with an emphasis on classic and modern rock, soul and hip hop.

This will be the first time in the history of Summerville South Carolina that we will be performing at the same venue as our very first concert in August.

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